A private jet changes your life

If there is one thing Windrose Air customers tell us again and again, it is how flying with a business-jet has changed their lives. What do they mean?

When you travel in a business-jet, air travel becomes effortless. You obtain unprecedented control and flexibility to travel according to your own schedule. It gets you to places you otherwise might not be able to reach. It often enables you to take a single flight instead of several.

The time savings you achieve will improve your productivity. You can visit three European cities in a day. You can conduct board meetings aboard your plane. A business-jet has become an indispensable travel tool, because it allows you to forget about the journey and focus on your priorities.

The true luxury of flying by business-jet is not that it gets you there in supreme comfort and serenity - even though it does - it is the effortless elimination of travel restrictions and the distance between where you are and where you want to be.

According to Windrose Air customers or aircraft owners, these benefits enable them to achieve a better balance between their personal and professional priorities. Put simply, you can achieve infinitely more than was ever possible before and feel less tired as a result. By flying according to commercial air travel regulations - exceeding required standards for safety and security - Windrose Air reduces uncertainty and provides our customers with the extra peace of mind that is so important when travelling with their families.

Whatever reason you choose to use a business-jet, it allows you to respond immediately. Maybe becomes definitely. 'Later' becomes 'now'. 'Why?' becomes 'Why not?'

Above anything that we tell you about private aviation, the fact that 90% of the world's top performing companies have their own business aircraft - and can justify them to their shareholders - speaks volumes about how important the advantages of private aviation have become in the increasingly competitive world of global business.

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