Aircraft investment with Windrose Air Jetcharter GmbH

A modern investment in a growing market

Despite economic crises and the concerns after 9/11 business charter aviation is a strongly growing market mainly benefiting from the eastward enlargement of the European Union. Producing impressive results your potential partner Windrose Air has been part of this market growth. A personal investment in this growing market and the operation of your own aircraft which is an elementary economic asset only makes sense if there is a professional aircraft management.

When using the aircraft, your partner guarantees a perfect operation, does all the paper-work and generates additional income from rentals to charter customers.

Aircraft management benefits

In order to optimize travelling expenses the investor and the aircraft owner can use an aircraft whenever needed which means a new definition of flexibility and independence when planning business and private trips

Based on a professional chartering to third parties there will be additional calculable rentals. A licensed commercial maintenance will keep the value of the aircraft and your investment. The aircraft used are marketable worldwide and based on decades of experience we can help you buy and sell your aircraft.

Cost minimization

  • Easing the aircraft operator's financial burden by assigning the aircraft management
  • Regarding the crew management: access to experienced pilots, no in-house maintenance staff required
  • Tax-exempted aviation fuel (savings of more than 50%)
  • Purchasing benefits through aircraft fleet contracts (maintenance, insurance, Spare parts - approx. 25% cost minimization)
  • Special conditions for investors regarding all aircraft types (20 - 30% discount)
  • Minimized administration effort
  • Coordination of maintenance, defining and and supervising of maintenance tasks
  • Pilot training (licenses, security training) monitoring and compliance with all aviation regulations
  • Calculation of flight offers
  • Aircraft fleet management
  • Professional flight preparation, flight planning and post-calculation
  • Budget-oriented travel and cost management

Your partner: Windrose Air Jetcharter GmbH

Founded more than nearly twenty years ago Windrose Air has been a highly successful business charter aviation company thus being one of the most experienced companies in this field in Europe. There is an aircraft fleet consisting of sixteen business jets used for business trips (individual business charter, ambulance / organ / cargo transport). A site-independent International flight management guarantees the utmost flexibility and best load factors.

How can we help?

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