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Citation CJ4 D-COCO

Citation CJ4

The Cessna Citation CJ4 is a profound light jet which has a maximum range of 4.010 km. The jet accommodates up to 9 passengers having a club forward seating configuration and a divan near the entrance. At the very rear of the aircraft, there is a belted lavatory. The cabin offers increased legroom and personal space, allowing passengers to relax during the flight. All seats can be moved forward/aft and inboard/outboard. In between the double-club seats are two bi-fold tables, along with slimline bi-fold tables for the rear seating area. In order to increase the space within the club seat area the rear-most seats can be moved further back.

The refreshment center comprises a divided ice drawer, coffee container, disposable cup dispenser, trash container, bottled water, can storage, and snack storage.

The CJ4 features an entertainment system and a monitor on the forward bulkhead, two side-ledge monitors, and environmental system controls. All lights in the cabin are LED and each seat has cabin management and entertainment system controls.

D-COCO is a capable aircraft owning a more streamlined design. Enjoy your flight with this aerodynamic jet.

Citation CJ4

519 mph

Maximum Range

2,165 nm

Altitude max.

45,000 ft

Normal Seating


Baggage Volume

77.1 ft³

Cabin height

57 in

  • Galley

  • Toilet

  • Espresso machine

  • Catering

+49 (0) 30 / 64 31 70-100